Solutions and Services

Ideawell Corp provides technical, marketing, human resources, intellectual property, and customer support to numerous internet and wireless services. Our services include:

Our technical and marketing accomplishments include Alumni.NET registering over 5.5 million members. It school centered social networks solves numerous issues encountered by schools in using current popular social networks. The wiki section allows sharing timeless geographical organized information related to social network groups. Schools are encouraged to request a demo from Ideawell to show the benefits of Alumni.NET in interacting with their alumni and students.

JobsCity.NET has registered over 70,000 recruiters and 1 million candidates. It has a U.S. patent pending integration with Alumni.NET. Novel features include recruiters being able to target specific school alumni and relevant job listings being part of the Alumni.NET activity stream. Recruiters and jobseekers are invited to sign up.

Ideawell Corp is  composed of very technically oriented teams and has filed numerous patents worldwide. The company has also provided technically advanced customer service for over 10 years. If you have an internet or wireless service that needs affordable technical, marketing, and/or customer support services, please see our Remote Office Service offering. We have expertise from software engineering, quality assurance, customer support, graphic illustrations all the way to accounting.